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Here you can find and buy products from Tuscany, the result of an art and an ancient culture that has inspired and moved the entire world.









Qui potete trovare e comperare prodotti toscani, frutto di un arte e una cultura millenaria che ha ispirato e mosso il mondo intero.















These products are the highest expression of nature, in Tuscany, offers beautiful landscapes making it one of the most sought after by tourists.


Tasting our products, for a moment you can enjoy the flavors and relive those emotions that only Tuscany can give, tastes and emotions that have been and still are the basis of our civilization.


The products can be bought directly here on our website, or by coming to our local:

"Caffè Michelangelo" of Laterina (AR).

Our headquarters is located in the palace of the Podestà, which among its many mayor, in 1457 also boasts the mayor "LEONARDO Simoni BUONARROTI" GRANDFATHER OF MICHELANGELO BUONARROTI







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Caffè Michelangelo

di Gragnoli Riccardo e Gennai Rita
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