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Rosso Barone Albergotti
Hills of the municipality of Arezzo
The red wine matured in wooden boxes has always been a characteristic of the Tuscan oenology. This wine, obtained from selected grapes that have been worked with extreme care, brings the name of the noble, ancient family Albergotti of Arezzo. Its descendants are some of the main members and most important administrators of this firm
Manual, with accurate selection of the grapes
Sangiovese, Cabernet, Canaiolo and Montepulciano in well-balanced sinergy
Traditional, with prolonged maceration of the pressed grapes and subsequent ageing for at least twelve months
Alcohol % Vol. 12,50
  Residual Sugar ‰ max 2
  Total Acidity ‰ 5,50 - 5,80
Sight: Brilliant transparency, ruby red colour with reflexes tending towards garnet
  Smell: Vinous, clear with hints of vanilla and toasted bread; it presents hints of balsamic and spicy smell. It refines with age
  Taste: The flavour is dry, sapid, slightly tannic and well-structured. It is a well-balanced and harmonic wine
It is a well-bodied and rare wine which is good for many occasions; it fits well with meat roasts, stews, game roasts and mature cheeses
Suggested serving temperature 21-23° C


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