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The Castle of Laterina saw its first stones laid in the eleventh century, when the terror of the year one thousand and the barbarian invasions pushed the populations settled in the plain near the Arno to design new buildings in the hill away from harmful contingencies.
Watch towers and walls made of Laterina a Castle of considerable importance due to its geographical position as middle earth between the nearby Arezzo and the powerful Florence. Arezzo did not let the strategic importance to escape that starting from 1250 tied under his control our castle and then decide to make it a "fortified land" in 1272 against the expansion of the Florentine Guelphs in Valdarno.

The control of the castle was so exercised by Ubertini, a prominent Aretina Family. Nevertheless few years later, on September 15, 1288, after an eight-day siege by the Florentine, were forced to surrender.
The captain of the castle of Lupo di Farinata degli Uberti run away, saying: "non esser costume dei Lupi rimaner rinchiusi” (Dante-Inferno). (it is not Lupi’s attitude to remain closed in)
Ten years after the conquest to fortify and make impregnable Laterina, it has been be decided to build the fortress. All this was not enough and in 1304 the Ubertini with the help of the Pazzi of Valdarno besieged the castle giving it back to Arezzo. Between 1326 and 1336 interests and schemes in Arezzo also decided the fate of Laterina ..

The Bishop of Arezzo Guido Tarlati rival of Ubertini, destroied the country and it is said that he scattered salt on the ruins with the symbolic purpose not to allow the rebirth of anything. The famous moment remains immortalized in a sculpture that reminds the achievements of Tarlati now in the Cathedral of Arezzo. It was his successor, who was a Ubertini, Buoso degli Uberti to rebuild the village and then transferring it to the Florentine Republic, which ended with the reconstruction of the fortress.

In the following years there were several attempts of insurrection by the Ghibellines and re-conquest by the same Tarlati (1347) but now the age-old dispute between Arezzo and Florence was heading toward the epilogue: November 5, 1384, just in Laterina defeated and militarily occupied by the French army allied with the Florentines, was delivered Arezzo to Florence with the official act of the signing of the Treaty of submission stipulated in our own castle



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